Its corporate reputation is built on a solid foundation.

Kaya Group works with companies that use filtration technology at the most advanced level and makes its own infrastructure investments with its R&D policy. It develops products suitable for Turkish conditions and offers special products to its customers under the brand name "Weraus".


What is Filtration? How is it done?

Filtration is any of various mechanical, physical or biological processes that separate the desired solids, liquids and gases by adding a medium through which only the desired substance can pass. It is also called the filtrate of the passing substance. In this way, unwanted or harmful substances are eliminated and the cycle is ensured to work in a healthy way.

Filtration occurs both in nature and in engineered systems; there are biological, geological and industrial forms. For example, in animals (including humans), kidney physiology filtration removes wastes from the blood, and in water purification, wastewater treatment, unwanted components are removed through interaction with a biological film grown in or on the filter media, as in slow sand filtration.

As a result, filtration systems inspired by nature are used in many areas of our lives with the support of technology.


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